The frequency converter and amplifier

  • The Z-app generates frequencies using your Android device
  • The frequencies are sent to the Z-Amplifier using the phone’s output jack.
  • The Z-Amplifier then amplifies the signal and sends it to electrodes attached to your person.
  • The frequencies then easily travel to their targets

The basics of Rife technology

All objects have individual resonance frequencies, which are specific to that object. Just as a crystal glass breaks down when the correct frequency is applied using enough intensity, any object can be broken down using its resonant frequency. A Rife frequency generator is designed to implement this theory, applying the resonant frequencies of pathogens (which includes viruses, bacteria, and fungi). This technology is the foundation of the Z-App Kit.

Why it's simply better!

Why should I choose the Z-App Kit over any of its alternatives?

  • It is small and completely independent of any kind of power source (it only requires batteries), enabling you to go about your day while applying frequencies without ever being tied down by a conventional frequency machine.
  • Of course conventional frequency zappers are equally as mobile as the Z-App Kit; however, the zappers lack the convenience of regular updates and a simple user friendly interface - which is provided by the Z-App (on your chosen android device).
  • During the development of the Z-Amplifier we noticed that the accuracy of the frequencies generated by the Z-App Kit were far better than those produced by a conventional frequency generator. Multiple tests were made and in each case the error produced by the Z-App Kit was less than 0.0049%. Not only is it much more accurate, it is also very proficient in producing desired square waves (influencing the targets much more effectively ).
  • Aside from great benefits already mentioned, the Z-App Kit costs much less than its alternatives. We want to see rife frequency generators become more affordable so that as many people as possible can benefit from the technology.

Square Wave

An image taken during the testing process of the Z-App Kit, portraying the square wave produced.

Z-App Kit

An image taken during the later development stage of the Z-Amplifier.

Layout and Technical Details

Simple, small and convenient

Charger Plug

The Z-Amplifier can deliver up to eight hours of constant use before needing an overnight recharge.
The device runs on a 9V rechargeable battery which is included in the purchase.

Power Indicator Light

The light shines bright green when the Z-Amplifier is on, and blinks when it detects frequencies and is operating.

Recharge Indicator Light

The light blinks bright amber while charging, and is constant once the recharge has finished.

Power Status Light

The light shines bright red when the battery charge gets low, to indicate that the battery needs to be recharged.

Audio Input

A standard 3.5 mm audio input jack to receive the frequency from a phone or other device, via the Z-App. A standard 3.5 mm audio cord is included in a Z-Amplifier purchase.

Power / Volume Knob

Used to turn the Z-Amplifier on (with a subtle "click" at starting position) and to control the frequency strength for convenience.

Frequency Output

A standard 2.5 mm audio jack, used for the frequency output. Electrode patches are included in the purchase along with a 2.5 mm cord to connect the Z-Amplifier and the electrodes.

At a height, width and thickness of 13.3 cm (5.2 in) - 7.7 cm (3 in) - 2.3 cm (0.9 in) respectively, the Z-Amplifier will easily fit into your pocket or purse, enabling you to use the Z-App kit wherever you are; whether it be at work, home or at play.

How do I acquire a Z-Amplifier?

if you are interested contact us!

Currently the Z-Amplifier is being tried and tested and will continue in that phase until the correct certificates will be applied to it. If you are interested in participating in the testing process contact us by going to the contact page. We emphasize that we are not promising a cure of any kind. If you are sick, see a doctor for medical advice.

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