How does it work?

  • The Z-app generates frequencies using your Android device
  • The frequencies are sent to the Z-Amplifier using the phone’s output jack.
  • The Z-Amplifier then amplifies the signal and sends it to electrodes attached to your person.
  • The frequencies then easily travel to their targets

The basics of Rife technology

All objects have individual resonance frequencies, which are specific to that object. Just as a crystal glass breaks down when the correct frequency is applied using enough intensity, any object can be broken down using its resonant frequency. A Rife frequency generator is designed to implement this theory, applying the resonant frequencies of pathogens (which includes viruses, bacteria, and fungi). This technology is the foundation of the Z-App Kit.

Simple User Interface

Easily find appropriate sequences (programs) in the Z-App

Anyone familiar with conventional frequency generators knows that they are not designed to be simple for users. The analog interface provided by them, is often complex to navigate and it can be quite tedious to get the right program to run on the machine, not to mention how hard it can be to find appropriate programs in a user manual. The Z-App deals with all of these issues. A simple play button for each sequence enables you to add sequences and even individual frequencies to a player, which queues them in a playlist. When looking for a program for a specific ailment the Z-App provides a search option that presents to you all associated sequences, thereby eliminating the need to search in a manual for several minutes.

If you already have the Z-App and feel that it can be specifically improved, go to the contact page and send us a note. All suggestions will be seriously considered and we will guarantee that great suggestions will be implemented.

The following images portray the entire user interface of the Z-App

Regular Updates

At least a monthly update is provided,
with new sequences being added with each one


You can expect to receive regular updates for years to come

New sequences/programs are constantly being added to a list of over 1300 sequences already in the app. If you need certain sequences that are not yet in the Z-App, send us a message with your request via the contact page and we will include them in the next version of the Z-App. The ability to update a frequency generator without replacing any major components is a huge factor in why the Z-App Kit should be considered the best frequency generator in the market.

We already have several large improvements in mind for the Z-App which will be implemented in the next few months, all of which is included in the price of the Z-App. The only reason we do not give the Z-App away for free is because we want to be able to maintain its updates and improve it constantly, which requires a persons in a full-time job. What you are really paying for, in the one time payment of $7.99, is the updates.

Since the app was released, just seven months ago, we have made and published 9 updates. The frequency of updates is very likely to increase with time.

Accurate frequency generation

Even more accurate than a conventional frequency machine

During the development of the app we took meticulous measures to insure that it was producing accurate frequencies. This effort truly paid off. We are proud to report that we could only detect a 0.0049% maximum error during the testing stages of the Z-App Kit (which includes the Z-Amplifier under full load, meaning it was in contact with a person during testing). The error is much lower than that of a conventional frequency machine, which we tested above 0.5% in some cases, which might not sound like a lot but makes a lot of difference once frequencies go above 10kHz.

Purchase Information

You could be using the app in mere minutes

As of yet the app is only available for android devices. Plans are in place to create an iOs version of the app also, but a release date cannot be set yet.

The app is maintained on google play and all purchases of the app need to go through there. if you have any questions, send us a message via the contact page.


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