2021 in review

The staggering 315% growth in sales 2021 can mostly be attributed to the many focused and intentional changes we have been making to our company. We have made changes in the way we approach customer services by adding a new member to the team whose primary purpose is to gather customer’s feedback and provide added support. We have also put forth extra effort in our social media presence and interactions with our customers i.e. adding demo videos and answering frequently asked questions.

In early 2021 the new website was launched, which enabled customers to purchase the Zappkit without having to jump through hoops. Along with the website came the new Zappkit logo, in which the most notable change was the stylized font of the Zappkit name, giving a sense of honesty and sensibility in its simple and modern nature, all of which are attributes we strive to adopt in our efforts.

All of the above has resulted in the aforementioned growth which has allowed us to reach farther than ever before, and empowered us to help more of you than we knew was possible. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life.

Hold on tight to your electrodes, we have big plans for 2022.

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