The Z-App Kit

A Two Piece Frequency Generator

a display of the Z-App Kit

Z-App Kit

A frequency generator, consisting of an android device running the Z-App and the Z-Amplifier

The Z-App Kit consists of an app and an amplifier that together are a powerful frequency machine, which is based on Royal R. Rife's theory that frequency can destroy pathogens much like a high pitch can destroy a crystal glass.


Is an app that generates and plays over 1400 frequencies and over 1300 different sequences. It is frequently updated with new frequencies and sequences.

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Is a frequency amplifier that receives frequencies generated by the Z-App and outputs them to electrode patches, metal or crystal cylinders.

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the Z-App android app displayed on a phone


The frequency generating Android App, meant to work with the Z-Amplifier

the Z-Amplifier on dipslay


The frequency amplifier and transmitter

What people say about the Z-App Kit

Gerhard G.
"For several months I had arthritis in my left shoulder. It was so extreme that I could not lift my arm above a certain point. Once I received the Z-App Kit I ran the 'Rheuma' and 'Rheumatism' sequences and used it for a short period. After playing soccer the pains came back so I re-ran the sequences for a period, and now the pains are completely gone and I can fully use my arm."
Shirah C.
"I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in January 2014. My doctor gave me less than a 10% chance of being able to become pregnant, and even less chance of being able to carry the child to term if I did become pregnant. After a month of using the Z-app kit, my husband and I discovered that we were pregnant, at which point use of the Z-App kit stopped. I am now seven months along."
"For nineteen years I have tested positive for Hep C. A month before I was supposed to go on a heavy drug dose, I received the Z-App Kit. I used it constantly until I was to be tested for Hep C once again. All tests came back negative for the first time."
Örn K.
"I used the Z-App-Kit's 'Toothache & inflammation' sequence on a tooth infection. After one evening of use the ache disappeared. A few days later it came back so I used it again for four consecutive evenings and I haven't felt it for six months now"
Rósa H.
"Before my surgery I was advised by a doctor to take penicillin to prevent infection in the area to be operated on. I elected to use the Z-App-Kit instead of the penicillin and applied preventative and post surgery sequences. Needless to say I never got an infection."
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