Z-Amplifier – Full Kit [Refurbished]


Empower Your Wellness Anywhere, Anytime.

Meet the Zappkit: a portable Rife machine designed for modern well-being. Compact yet powerful, the Zappkit transforms your smart device into a comprehensive wellness solution. Whether at home or on the go, take control of your wellness with precision and ease.

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If the Z-App is the brains, the Z-Amplifier is the brawn. Together, these components transform your smart device into a full-fledged Rife machine, empowering you to take control of your wellness wherever you are.

What Exactly is the Zappkit?

Z-App: an android or ios app that produces frequencies and offers a plethora of sequences for your convenience. Designed to be the software behind the Zappkit.
Z-Amplifier: The device that connects to your smart device that delivers the frequencies direct to your body via electrode patches.

Together these two components make up the Zappkit.

What’s included:

  • Z-Amplifier
  • 4 x electrode patches
  • Audio cord
  • Electrode cord
  • Charger with localized power adapters (110-240v)
  • User manual

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (Imperial): 5.2in x 3.1in x 1in
  • Dimensions (Metric): 13,3cm x 7,9cm x 2,4cm
  • Weight: 6.5oz / 185g
  • Max output current: 16mA over 500ohm load

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These Z-Amplifiers come from our inventory of refurbished devices, meaning they have been returned for one reason or another and repaired (when needed), cleaned and repackaged. For all intents and purposes they work just as well as brand new device.

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Dimensions 21 × 21 × 5 cm